Multifunction DAQ with Ethernet and USB

Choose the T4 series for low cost Ethernet connectivity and the same software API as our flagship T7 series device. The T4 series devices have 4 dedicated high voltage (±10V, 12-bit resolution) as well as up to 8 configurable low voltage analog inputs (0-2.5V, 12-bit resolution). The T4 series also has numerous built-in firmware features to help users accomplish most data acquisition needs.

The T4 series devices are our lowest cost devices with Ethernet connectivity. They are also capable of stand-alone operation by running Lua scripts.

High Voltage Analog Inputs

The first 4 I/O lines on the LabJack T4 are dedicated high voltage analog inputs. Their voltage range is ±10V with 12 bits of resolution. For more details, look in the T4 datasheet.

Flexible I/O:

The 8 I/O lines marked as FIO4-FIO7 and EIO0-EIO3 are flexible I/O lines. This means they can be individually configured as digital input, digital output, or analog input lines. When configured as digital I/O, they can be used as general purpose 3.3V logic lines, can be configured for the timers/counters sub-system, or can be used as SPI, I2C, or other digital communication protocol lines. When configured as analog inputs, they are 0-2.5V analog inputs with up to 12 bits of resolution.

Digital I/O:

The T4 has 8 dedicated digital I/O lines marked as EIO4-EIO7 and CIO0-CIO3. These lines can be configured as general purpose 3.3V logic lines, as timers/counters, or as SPI, I2C, or other digital communication protocol lines.

Analog Outputs:

The LabJack T4 has 2 analog outputs (DAC0 and DAC1). Each analog output can be set between 0 and 5V with 10 bits of resolution.


The T4 has multiple hardware timers that provide options such as PWM output, pulse/period timing, pulse counting, and quadrature input.


The T4 has multiple hardware counters that can be used for detecting pin toggles.